May you be well in May!

This year the weather in May is so up and down its hard to know whether to get the umbrella out or the flip flops! Come rain or shine you will still find me visiting clients and leaving them relaxed and refreshed.

I began May with a lovely sunny visit to the Mind, Body Spirit Festival at Olympia in London.  I think it is the best one I have been to so far!  I went along with fellow therapist, Natalia Ripsher, from The Little Room of Harmony and we had a thoroughly good time browsing all the stalls, enjoying the activities on the main stage and joining in some workshops.

It was great to bump into Alison Osmani, who is an organiser for the festival.  We recently met at 'The Power of Relaxation" day with Yogi Ashokanadra and were surprised to see Yogi turn up just as we were speaking to her!  Alison pointed us in the right direction as there was so much to see and do.

We felt decidely spaced out following our unforgettable sound and visual bath called 'Crystal Cymatics' which took place in an inflatable igloo!  The sound of crystal bowls and vibrational imagery on a 360' full dome cinema was amazing.


We joined a demonstration by Momoyo Kimioka who performs energy work on people.

Her works takes out trauma/karma to reconnect with souls and attractions.

Absolutely amazing to watch and a very light and happy soul.

We wandered around some more and whilst Natalia gravitated to buying some more crystals I bought more chocolate that crystals! All organic and dairy free, of course. Very nice it was to!

We ended the day by joining in Shakti Dance with Dirish Shaktidas. The drummer was amazing – I just wish I could use my djembe like that!

Much love.

Sue x

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