Good Intentions!

Well my blog writing has been a bit sporadic to say the least!  Now that I have discovered the newsletter, I have been busy with that every month, to bring you updates on what is going on, which is fine, but I would like you give you something more!  So I thought it would be a good time to write a little about intentions.

At the end of every year I write a list out of all the things that I have done throughout the year, by going through my diary, month by month. This gives me an opportunity to review the year and see just what I have been up to.


Usually I find I have achieved a lot more than I initially thought. After my review I set an intention for the forthcoming year based on what I would like to do next. Last year was my year of ‘yoga’. I found that although I didn’t quite manage to do as much yoga as I wanted, due to my year being blighted by a wrist injury and then having an operation on my eye, I still managed to do more yoga than in previous years. The year before my intention was to be a year of ‘doing’ and I certainly did do many things! I booked up as many courses and adventures as I could fit in. It is wonderful to look back over the year and create inspiration for the forthcoming year. This year will be by year of ‘knowledge’. I have studied much over the past few years and consolidated knowledge all the things that interest me. Now I wish to step outside the familiar and study some things of which I have no prior knowledge, or little, and learn something new. There! Said it now. So I intend to go forward with new eyes, quite literally in my case, and learn more about new things that come my way.

What intention will you set yourself?

Much love

Sue x

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