Mindful Eating

By Sue | July 2, 2019

We all get busy sometimes and have just shoved our food down quickly, to fuel our bodies, without really thinking about it or even tasting our food.  Mindful eating is a perfect antidote  if you…

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Good Intentions!

By Sue | January 4, 2016

Well my blog writing has been a bit sporadic to say the least!  Now that I have discovered the newsletter, I have been busy with that every month, to bring you updates on what is…

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May you be well in May!

By Sue | May 16, 2015

This year the weather in May is so up and down its hard to know whether to get the umbrella out or the flip flops! Come rain or shine you will still find me visiting…

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NEW! Website update and blog

By Sue | August 6, 2012

Finally I am set to get blogging after dragging my heels a bit ( 3 years to be precise!!)  The prompt came with a new website update.  I  do hope you like the new layout…

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