flourishing pregnancy

Looking after yourself in pregnancy is essential to your good health.

If you are experiencing backache, tension in the shoulders or just need some time for yourself during your pregnancy, this massage is what you are looking for.  Massage is soothing for you and allows you time to relax during pregnancy. Every woman experiences different ailments in pregnancy. Some of the benefits you receive are:

  • Stress reduction and relief from anxiety caused by hormonal changes
  • Muscle relaxation and tension relief both in back and shoulders
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Helps to reduce stress on the lower back
  • Emotional support through therapeutic touch
  • Increases energy to help enhance both mother and baby’s wellbeing

During the massage extra support is given allowing the body to relax and enjoy the benefits of a soothing tranquil massage. The massage is performed with the client lying on their left side to begin with and then finishing on the right. An especially nourishing Neal's Yard Remedies Mother's Massage oil is used which contains Neroli and Mandarin essential oils.

One hour treatment £50

“I was lucky enough to find Sue at 20+ weeks of my first pregnancy, I am now days away from the birth of my second baby and having regular pregnancy massages at home from Sue has made all the difference throughout both my pregnancies and I look forward to them every week. Sue is very knowledgeable, she has a marvellous touch and technique and uses lovely oils. Thank you”

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