woodland wellbeing
Mindful Relaxation

According to The Art of Mindful Relaxation by Ed Shapiro the remedy to stress is profound dynamic relaxation. 

Being mindfully relaxed is the ultimate life-changing gift we can give ourselves.  When we are mindfully relaxed we are consciously aware of letting to on a deeper long-lasting and profound level.

In a state of dynamic relaxation we are both fully relaxed and totally aware at the same time.

We tend too be attached or our habitual way of living, even if is is detrimental our our physical, psychological and/or physical health.  Change is the essence of life. We like to stay in our comfort zone to avoid failure, conflict and distress.

Discovering deep relaxation is an ongoing process rather than a one-off event.

Woodland Wellbeing
Relaxation Class

Come and join us for deep relaxation set in a private ancient woodland.

Listen to the sounds of nature to help you deep relax in this unique setting.  You will be protected from any bugs or critters in our very special mesh sided gazebo screen house.

Bring your own blankets and a pillow to get cosy.  Yoga mat provided.

Woodland Wellbeing £15 bookable in advance. 

Connect and Drum
Monthly Meeting

This montly drum circle invites you to connect with the woodlands, each other via the modality of drumming.

No experience needed to join.  Drumming is a primal activity that is very powerful both physically and spiritually.

The vibrational energy generated is very uplifting helping the body to release endorphins. Drumming promotes relaxation, fun and emotional wellbeing. 

The circle is donation based and all monies received will directly contribute to mindful workshops, held in this setting, for adults and children, including those with additional needs.

Please bring along a blanket ,drum and a bottle of water, if you wish. (I have one spare drum) 

Forest Mindfulness Workshops
Ages 5-8 and 8-11

Good mental health starts at a young age.  If we can give our children the tools to manage their own mental health we are giving them the best start to a happy life.

Green and blue spaces lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin.  There is a relationship between good physical health and mental wellbeing.  If a child is struggling and not feeling well internally, time outdoors can instantly make them feel better. 

What to expect:

  • den Building
  • nature crafts
  • bird watching
  • mindfulness
  • nature art
  • tree identification
  • bug collecting
  • woodland walks


Proceeds from these workshops will be put towards purchasing a permanent space to be able to support the wellbeing of all children.

Held in collaboration with Ivy Primrose Flowers at Jobber's Wood, Much Hadham.

The workshops are £12.50 per child and are bookable here