The Healing Power of the Ocean in your Hands and Feet

SolRox Ocean Spa therapy lamps will quickly help you to relieve tension and discomfort anywhere in the body.

A refreshing foot scrub and spa will help relax your feet before placing on a hot or cold lamp.  Hand held SolRox will be placed in your palms and while the magic takes place you receive a relaxing head and shoulder treatment.


How It Works

SolRox is a naturally derived crystal made by ancient oceans 250 million years ago.  This crystal version of the sead reblalnces the mineral equilibrium of body on contact with the skin.

Solrxo crystals gently melt into the skin, providing the body's natural repair mechansim with everything it needs to build depleted protein material.

Where it works

This Ocean Spa Therapy is good for:


  • joint pain
  • back ache
  • neck strain
  • sports injuries
  • headaches
  • hot flushes
  • circulatory issues




Many ailments  can be relieved with the healing power of SOLROX crystals.  Hand held crystal can be used warm or cold on any part of the body to relieve tension or pain. One or both feet can be place or the Ocean Crystal Lamp Foot spa to treat the feel and legs.

The Ocean Spa Crystal products are naturally biocidal, a natural antiseptic that destrotys bacteria and infection.   The heated crystal lamps have an ionisation effect which helps to remove airborne pathogens and pollutants, improving your indoor environment and assisting in the treatment of respiratory issues.

Lamps, crystals and bath salts are available to purchase for use at home.